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The Rolling Stones. The Biggest Bang

The Rolling Stones

Universal Music

Contiene la registrazione integrale di due concerti del tour A Bigger Bang 2005/2006, il concerto di Rio De Janeiro e il concerto di Austin in Texas. Contiene inoltre immagini tratte da altre esibizioni del tour: Cina, Giappone, Italia (Milano), Argentina.
Tracklist DVD 1, ZilkerPark, Austin, Texas: Opening; You Got Me Rocking; Let's Spend The Night Together; She'sSoCold; Oh No. Not You Again; Sway; Bob WilIs Is Stili The King; Streets OfLove; Ain't Too Proud To Beg; Tumbling Dice; Learning That Game; LittleT&A; Under MyThumb; Get Off My Cloud; HonkyTonk Wornan; Sympathy For The Devii; Jumpin' Jack Flash; (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction; Brown Sugar. Bonus Features: Austin Mini-Documentary; ! Can't Be Satisfied (from Milan, Italy).
Tracklist DVD 2, Copacabana Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Opening; Jumpin' Jack Flash; It's Only Rock and Roll; You Got Me Rocking; Wild Horses; Rain Fall Down; Midnight Rambler; Night Time Is Right Time; Happy; Miss You ; Rough Justice; Get Off My Cloud; Honky Tonk Woman; Start Me Up; Brown Sugar; You Can't Always Get What You Want; (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction; Bonus Features: Rio de Janeiro Documentary. Tracklist DVD 3: Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan (Opening; Let's Spend The Night Together; Sapporo; Rain Fall Down; Tokyo Dome; Rough Justice; Cherry Blossoms); Shanghai Grand Stage, Shangal, China (Opening; Bitch; Midnight Runner; Gimme Shelter; The Place Is Empty; That's What I Do; It's Only Rock'n' Roll; China. A Slow Process); River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Opening; Worried About You; Football Chant; Happy; Miss You; Ronnie and Audience; Paint It Black; (l Can't Get No) Satisfaction. Featurettes:. Bonnie Raitt fearurette Shine A Light;. Eddie Vedder featurette Wild Horses; Laugh, I Nearly Died; Dave Mathhews faeturette Let It Bleed. Tracklist DVD 4: "Salt Of The Earth" A Bigger Bang Tour Documentary Featuring the following Chapters: How Did It Begin?; North American Tour; Super Bowl; Back Of My Hand; Rio; China;Milan; Buenos Aires; Midnight Runner; Last Show. Bonus Songs: Get Up, Stand Up; MrPitiful. Bonus Features: If It Ain't Got That Swing featuring Charlie Watts; Manicane featuring Keith Richards; Outlets of Emotion featuring Ron Wood; Busking featuring Mick Jagger.

The Rolling Stones. The Biggest Bang, The Rolling Stones, 52,90


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